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Your companion for safe rides

  • Comes with Ajjas app
  • Water proof and Dust proof
  • Plug-and-Play type installation
  • Free Delivery

MRP :   

4840+660(Taxes) = 5500 /- Inaugural offer

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Return it within 7 Days of Arrival

  • Fall alert, motion alert, Monitor your rides, Ride statistics, Anti-theft, Tamper Alert, App notifications, SMS alerts, Call alerts
  • Ajjas installation kit, Ajjas device, Rubber gasket, Steel ties, Cable ties, Wiring harness
  • Map all your bikes (Ajjas devices) in one app
  • 1 year replacement guarantee
subscription charges of ₹ 1200 per year, from next year onwards
** Terms and Conditions Applied

Hardware and Mobile app Hardware and Mobile app
Ajjas box and device

Ajjas is an Internet Of Things based safety electronic device that enables MotorBike riders to ride safe and secure. We offer Patented Hardware/Ajjas, Proprietary Mobile App & whole ecosystem, that is built to make your rides safer, and also ensuring that no one steals your MotorBike.

You get the flexibility to monitor your rides, share them with your friends and family. We offer absolute freedom from fear of fall or MotorBike theft.

#NoBikeTheftAnyMore #RideSafeAndSecure #FallAlert

Location of bike

Get the most with Ajjas device and Ajjas mobile app. Together, they secure your bike and make your ride safer.

Fall alert icon

Fall Alerts

When your bike is in motion or in stationary state and experiences a fall, Ajjas initiates Calls to the emergency contacts and to your connected number respectively.

Anti theft icon


Ajjas app and SMS alerts are triggered by Ajjas device sensors when MotorBike ignition is switched ON or OFF using the key.

Tamper alert icon

Tamper Alert

Instantly know when MotorBike is being tampered. In case of any tampering, Ajjas sensors installed on the MotorBike sends notification via app.

Live ride sharing

Live Ride Sharing

Share your MotorBike live location with family and friends.

Explore more features

Live ride statistics

View live ride information of total duration taken, total kms travelled, top speed, average speed and maximum lean angle along with the bike location. MotorBike location is only visible to you. We understand no one like to be tracked :)

Ongoing ride

Fall Alerts

In-Motion Fall Alert

When your bike is in motion & it experiences a fall, it is detected by Ajjas sensors and it relays fall location, time and date to 3 emergency contact numbers stored in the Ajjas app.

This information is sent using Ajjas device GSM network and delivered as SMS alert and Automated Calls.

Stationary Fall Alert

Receive SMS, Call and In-App-Notification,when bike experiences a fall while being parked.

Vehicle fall alert

Motion Alerts

When your bike ignition is off, anyone tampers the MotorBike or bike is moved, Ajjas sensors identifies and sends location, time and date.

This information shared through Ajjas app notification to you.

Motion alert

Monitor Rides

View and analyse previous rides. See your ride trail after your ride completes.

Ajjas app keeps log of each ride with the route taken for any ride, time taken for the ride, start location & time, end location & time, top speed, average speed and maximum lean angle.

Monitor daily rides